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New faces on campus August 25, 2007

Filed under: Boston — Shirley @ 12:42 am

Wow, it has come time to Freshmen orientation at MIT. I feel so old now, especially when I am no longer an undergraduate! But this year will be good, turns out the Graduate Student Council has a month long of orientation events for grad students! It sure sounds like it would be better than the freshmen orientation!

I am busier than ever. It’s Friday night, and I have too much work to do, and too much to think about. Life is good, but I don’t write down all the details like I used to in Tanzania. Moving day (August 31st) is coming up, and looking to apply for grad school and also begin my full time job search. I have to wrap up my work from Tanzania (which I have been putting off because of my thesis work), and begin my next project for the WDDC class (will need to start thinking about funding again, and the possibility to visit more workshops). Lots of big decisions coming ahead! Whenever I have free time, I am putting my head in the world of Harry Potter. The books are much better than expected, and at times, I wouldn’t be able to stop turning the pages!

The term will start soon, and I am very excited about the new school year. I’ll be taking these classes:

MIT 6.805/STS085: Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier
MIT 6.898 Transparency and Accountability Architectures for the World Wide Web (supplement to 6.805)
MIT 18.310c Principles of Discrete Applied Mathematics

As a grad student, I have a credit limit, so I can no longer take more than 2 classes! It should be a fun term. Just bought my books from :)

Andrew is out working tonight, and I am staying at home to do work. Hopefully I’ll get some work done.

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